Maintaining desire in a relationship with the same partner over time is challenging for many people.

In fact, issues around sexual desire, or differences in desire within a couple, is the most common reason people seek sex therapy.

The science around desire is startling, and knowing how desire works is the key to being in the driving seat of how you want desire to feature in your relationship moving forward, no matter how it is right now.

We give you all the knowledge and skills you need to be able to understand your desire better, see your sex life differently and start to understand what's needed to get your sex life back on track.

Meet the workshop facilitator

Dr Karen Gurney is a highly specialised clinical psychologist and a European Society of Sexual Medicine certified psychosexologist.

She is a recognised national expert in the theory and practice of therapy around all aspects of sexual wellbeing and function and wrote and pioneered one of the first online interventions translating principles of sex therapy into online modules 10 years ago.

She is currently Lead Psychologist in sexual health. gender and sexual difficulties for the NHS at Europe's busiest sexual health clinic - 56 Dean Street, as well as Director of The Havelock Clinic, an independent sexual problems service based on Harley Street and in The City of London. Dr Gurney has almost 20 years experience of providing therapy round all aspects of people's sex lives.

Dr Gurney has written for and been featured in publications such as The Times, Cosmopolitan and Refinery29, and provided expert opinions on TV and radio for the BBC. She is a TEDx speaker, having spoken about 'The surprising truth about desire' in 2020.

Dr Gurney's book, 'Mind The Gap: the truth about desire and how to futureproof your sex life' was out in 2020 and was a best seller .

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Putting you in the driving seat of how you want desire to feature in your relationship

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