Introduction and how to get the most out of this workshop series

Welcome to this workshop series on desire in long term relationships.

Maintaining desire in a relationship with the same partner over time is challenging for many people. In fact, issues around sexual desire, or differences in desire within a couple are the top reason people seek sex therapy. The science around desire is startling, and knowing how desire works is the key to being in the driving seat of how you want desire to feature in your relationship moving forward. We give you all the knowledge and skills you need to understand how desire is currently featuring in your relationship (and why), and how to build a step by step plan to get it to feature in the way you'd like.

We’ve had great feedback from people who’ve completed the workshops so far -a mixture of women of all ages and their partners (male, female and non binary), and a mixture of sexualities (straight, gay and bi/pansexual). This course series is aimed at those who identify as women, though much of the content remains entirely relatable to men struggling with low desire also.

The workshops themselves cover the same kinds of information that you might learn in sex therapy sessions around desire, but at a fraction of the cost! You can watch the sessions alone, with a partner, or both. We recommend watching them together if you are in a relationship, but if you are unsure or your partner isn't keen you will still get a great deal out of watching alone. You can always get them to catch up later if needed.

In our experience (and from feedback from previous attendees) by the end of these sessions you should feel confident of what to change/put in place/resolve for your sex life (and your desire) to improve.

Let's get started!

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