Welcome back!

Welcome back to Part 2 of our desire workshop series!

To advance to this workshop you must have completed Part 1- our workshop called 'Why don't I feel like it anymore?'. Part 1 has given you all the foundations about the science of desire, how differently it operates to how we were sold it should, and how your belief about how it should work has most likely interfered with your sex life creating pressure and, ironically, a lack of desire.

You've learned what's normal for desire in long term relationships, why understanding motivations for sex matters when you have a desire discrepancy between you and another person, and how desire works, including all the factors which need to be in place to trigger it. You've also learned that it's easy to trigger desire in these circumstances, but the problem is, for most of us, these circumstances are absent or rarely present at the moment, due to our expectations of how desire should operate.

This second workshop, which is Part 2, will help you take all of this further by exploring how you can make simple, tangible changes in your sex life (and in how you see it) to allow desire to feature more. Without having the foundation knowledge from Part 1 under your belt, you wont know enough about desire to put any of this into action- so if you've not done Part 1, head back there now.

For those of you who have completed Part 1 and are keen to get the ball rolling, let's get going! I can't wait to take you through the kind of work I've been doing in my therapy rooms for almost two decades now, seeing incredible results, and help you to understand how to get desire to feature in your sex life as much as you would like.

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